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John Chamberlain – A Catalogue Raisonne of the Sculpture 1954-1985, first edition, published in 1986 by Hudson Hills Press, New York, and MOCA, L.A.

For some thirty years, John Chamberlain has cajoled, crushed, melted, and embraced the detritus of American consumerism to create, casually and forcefully, sculptures whose provocative beauty is as visually brilliant as it is formally intelligent. Employing means as ordinary as his materials, he has reinvented casting and modeling and liberated them from expressive, technical, and aesthetic restraints. Moving out of both the Cubist-Constructivist gridlock and the Surrealist symbolism that together threatened to trap so much sculpture of the 1950s, Chamberlain found a way to add the dimension of volume to the urgent spontaneity and procedural clarity so crucial to the Abstract Expressionist painters. Engaging chance and intuition, he transgressed lavishly the prohibition of color in sculpture, employing hues that ranged from the virginal to the lurid as major protagonists of sculptural structure.

This heavy and comprehensive volume presents a catalogue raisonne of Chamberlain’s sculptural output in this period, with numerous examples of his crushed automobile, welded metal, foil, foam and polymer works, amongst others. Densely illustrated with images of all of his sculptural works in black and white and colour (some 800 photographed works!), alongside text by Julie Sylvester with an essay by Klaus Kertess.

Still probably the best and most exhaustive book on the modern sculptor’s work.

* Condition: Very Good-Fine (Tight, clean copy with only light wear and bumping to cover) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

John Chamberlain - A Catalogue Raisonne of the Sculpture 1954-1985
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