Joshua Petherick, Christopher LG Hill

Catalogue produced on the occasion of the collaborative exhibition of the same name at Y3K Gallery in Melbourne, by Christopher L.G. Hill and Joshua Petherick.
Both artists in their work share an interest in the malleability and potentiality of image and object through the vast mechanisms of reproduction and redistribution. For this show the pair have produced two canvases, two costumes and a large series of artists books. The show celebrates the fruitfulness of productive confusion, at once embracing what is invigorating and problematic about assessing and re-assessing the murk of inspiration from pictures and their living on and through multiple modes of duplication and production.

The catalogue features artist research images and texts by Simon Taylor, Liv Barrett and Sriwhana Spong.

Joshua Petherick and Christopher LG Hill - Nom Abbamon
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