Kai Althoff


The incredible Kai Althoff monograph published by The Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Edited by Kai Althoff.
Text by Rita Kersting, DovBer Naiditch, Yair Oelbaum, Constantin Rothkopf, Robert Storr, Rein Wolfs. Interview by Laura Hoptman.

Kai Althoff is one of the most consummate–and unpredictable–artists of his generation. A painter and a draftsman, he has experimented since the mid-1990s with combinations of unconventional mediums and exhibition formats to create all-encompassing environments that might include finely detailed drawings, collage, woven textiles, knitted fabric, soft sculpture, paintings, writing, video, fragrance and song.

Published in conjunction with a major exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, this publication presents Althoff’s work in all mediums made over a 25-year career. Created in close collaboration with the artist, the book features lavish color reproductions of Althoff’s most significant works. Contributions by scholars, art professionals and friends of the artist offer multiple perspectives on Althoff’s iconographically rich work.

An incredible and beautiful book! Very highly recommended.

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