Kiyoshi Koishi and Naniwa Shashin Club

Very scarce catalogue for the only major exhibition on Kiyoshi Koishi and Naniwa Shashin Club, held in 1988 at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art and Seibu Contemporary Art Gallery.

Kiyoshi Koishi (March 26, 1908 – July 7, 1957) was one of the most prominent Japanese photographers in the first half of the 20th century. He was born in Osaka and became a member of Naniwa Shashin Club (浪華写真倶楽部, Naniwa Photography Club) in 1928.

In 1933 he published the monograph Shoka Shinkei (初夏神経, “Early Summer Nerves”), one of the most important works for Japanese modernist photography and one of the most sought after volumes. In this work, he used many photographic techniques such as photomontage and photograms, succeeding in creating surrealistic images. From 1938, he worked for the Japanese government in the magazine Shashin Shūhō (写真週報, “Photo Weekly”). And he became a war photographer of the Second Sino-Japanese War. Therefore, he was no longer able to produce avant-garde photo. After World War II, he continued to take many photographs. But tragically, he couldn’t leave the works from the effects of restricted activity due to the war. In 1957, Koishi died by accident, falling on the station platform in Moji, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Very rarely seen outside of Japan, and little printed document there either, this catalogue collects a valuable photographic history of Koishi’s stunning work, alongside the work of his fellow Naniwa Shashin Club members from 1921-1950.

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Kiyoshi Koishi and Naniwa Shashin Club
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