Konrad Klapheck

Major monograph on the work of Konrad Klapheck published in 1985 by Prestel in Munich. Profusely illustrated throughout in colour and black and white with Klapheck’s paintings, drawings and graphic work, accompanied by essays by Werner Hofmann and Peter-Klaus Schuster (in German), and full biography and bibliography.

From the contents: Werner Hofmann: eloquent stupidity or the melancholy of the clichés / Peter-Klaus Schuster: about big and small with Klapheck / Konrad Klapheck: Why I paint; About my drawings / catalog: 1955-1959 The creation of a vocabulary – the main themes in their first versions / 1959-1963 Simplification and stylization / 1963-1973 Return to the banal subject – enhancement and monumentalization / 1973-1985 Development of a composting principle – discovery of the drawing.

Konrad Klapheck (born February 10, 1935) is a German painter and graphic artist whose style of painting combines features of Surrealism and Pop art. Klapheck’s works of the mid-1950s are in a magic realist style that became more idiosyncratic when he painted the first of his famous typewriters. His subsequent paintings, often large in scale, are precise and seemingly realistic depictions of technical equipment, machinery and everyday objects, but strangely alienated; they are “monumental, amusingly absurd and sexually suggestive”. Klapheck’s subjects through the years have included (in order of introduction) typewriters, sewing machines, water taps and showers, telephones, irons, shoes, keys, saws, car tires, bicycle bells and clocks. Influenced by Duchamp, Man Ray, and Max Ernst, Klapheck’s “ironic treatment of everyday mechanics” prefigures Pop art in its magnification of the trivial. He became a professor at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 1979.

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Konrad Klapheck - Retrospektive 1955-1985
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