Lee Lozano

ext by Iris Müller-Westermann, Jo Applin, Lucy R. Lippard, Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer.

Mystery shrouds the American avant-garde artist Lee Lozano (1930–1999), and yet at the same time she is one of the least-known great artists of theNew York art scene of the sixties and early seventies. Working during the transition from Pop Art to Minimalism and Conceptual Art, Lozano created a radical, frequently obscene, and extremely provocative body of work in a world dominated by her male counterparts. Her brief career ended in the early seventies when she withdrew from the New York art scene, a move she presented in her Dropout Piece.

Only recently has there been more interest in Lozano’s art, as the presence of her work at the documenta 12 and elsewhere demonstrates. The publication of this volume coincides with a retrospective of her works and undertakes a new presentation of Lozano’s multifaceted oeuvre, ranging as it does from surreal pictorial worlds and large-format minimalist paintings to conceptual works from the late sixties.

Lee Lozano
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