Lewis Baltz

A protagonist of the New Topographics movement, Lewis Baltz (born 1945) not only revived American landscape photography, but also revolutionized the photographic pictorial language of the 1970s. His black-and-white images of industrial landscapes, dreary suburban neighborhoods and wastelands introduced radically new motifs, which were debuted in the now legendary 1975 exhibition “The New Topographics” alongside the work of Robert Adams, Stephen Shore and Henry Wessel, Jr. Made in close collaboration with Lewis Baltz, this volume reproduces such series as “The Tract Houses” (1969-71), “Maryland” (1976), “Nevada” (1977), “Park City” (1978-80), “San Quentin Point” (1981-83), “The Canadian Series” (1985), “Candlestick Point” (1987-89), “Sites of Technology” (1989-91) and several others. Essays contextualize Baltz’s work in the larger art and photography climate of the 1970s, and discuss his application of cinematic strategies to photography.  This catalogue was made in close collaboration with Lewis Baltz and approaches his work through various angles. The texts highlight how Baltz’s photographies relate to the art of the 1970s, how he applies filmic strategies and why he does not call himself a photographer. In doing so, relevant new and underrepresented aspects of this conceptually-driven artist are shown.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at kestnergesellschaft, Hannover (14 September 4 November 2012), and at Albertina, Vienna (1 March 2 June 2013).

English and German text.

Lewis Baltz
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