LIP 1978/79

The incredible book-sized 1978-79 edition of Melbourne’s great LIP journal. Published out of Carlton between 1976-1984, LIP encapsulated Australian feminist artistic practice of the period, publishing articles and interviews by women on women in film, sound, theatre, painting, photography, poetry, criticism, activism, journalism, publishing, sculpture, design, education, and much more.

In this issue: Art Sense and Sensibility: Women’s Art and Feminist Criticism – Janine Burke; Aboriginal Women: Ritual and Culture – Diane Bell interviewed by Lesley Dumbrell; Map of Transition: Performance – Jillian Orr; Jane Sutherland – Frances Lindsay; Sybil Craig – Mary Eagle; Make Your Own Teaset – Mary Newsome; Women’s Images of Women – Barbara Hall; In Search of Old Mistresses – Patricia Symons; Women Ceramacists; Olive Bishop interviewed by Julie Ewington; Margaret Dodd Talking with Julie Ewington; Lorrain Jenyns; Wendy Stavrianos interviewed by Pauline Petrus; The Development of a Political View: A Conversation Between Two Women Artists – Jennifer Barwell and Vivienne Binns; Micky Allan interviewed by Suzanne Davies; Photographs –
Jacqueline Mitelman; From the Ground Up – Photographs – Virginia Coventry; Survey of Women’s Art Theory Courses and Feminine Sensibility – Janine Burke; The Women’s Art Register Extension Project – Bonita Ely; Sisterhood ― For Whom? Jude Adams and Jenny Barber; Posters by Women in the Earthworks Poster Collective; Film – Margaret Fink and Her Brilliant Career – Frida Freiberg; Following My Star – Elsa Chauvel; Monique Schwarz interviewed by Christine Johnston; A Dialogue between Toni Robertson, a Feminist Poster Maker, and Jeni Thornley, a Feminist Film-maker; Nina Claditz interviewed by Annette Blonski; Introducing Helmer Sanders – Frida Freiberg; Reviews: Shopping in Hearbreak Arcade – Meredith Nolte; Me and Daphne – Linda Rubinstein; Feminine Focus at the Festival – Frida Freiberg; Supplement: Australian Women in Music – Australian Women in Music – Terry Radic; Margaret Sutherland – Helen Coles; May Brahe: Composer – Mimi Colligan; Dr. Ruby Davy – Silvia O’Toole; Four Women Composers: Helen Gifford, Ann Boyd, Ann Carr-Boyd and Peggy Glanville-Hicks – Marcia Ruff; Esther Rofe interviewed by Pauline Petrus; Talking with Linda Phillips by Kerry Murphy; Mary Nemet interviewed by Jeanette Fenelon; The Women’s Electric Band interviewed by Jeannette Fenelon; Robyn Archer interviewed by Jeannette Fenelon; The Shameless Hussie A.C.R.; Jane Clifton and Celeste Howden interviewed by Jeannette Fenelon; Janie Conway and Marnie Sheehan – Virginia Fraser; Theatre – The Women’s Theatre Group: A Selection of Scripts, Interviews and Comments Kerry Dwyer, Jenny Walsh and Suzanne Spunner; Roma: A One Woman Play – Jan Macdonald and the Roma cast; Tongue to Lip – Valerie Kirwan; And Women Must Wait: Savage Sepia – Suzanne Spunner; Dance and Movement – Marilyn Jones interviewed by Roseanne Hull-Brown; Betty Pounder interviewed by Roseanne Hull-Brown; Yum Wing Chun: Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman – Karen Armstrong; Media – An Open Letter – Shere Hite; Feminism and Publishing: Interviews with Women Publishers – Cathy Peake; Two Early Melbourne Journalists – Lurline Stewart; Sydney Women Writers’ Workshop – Anna Couani and Pamela Brown; The Australian Women’s Weekly ― The Case of the Bald Cockatoo – Cathy Peake, Maree Conway and Sue Parvaris.

LIP Collective members: Annette Blonski, Janine Burke, Isabel Davies, Suzanne Davies, Lesley Dumbrell, Jeannette Fenelon, Freda Freiberg, Christine Johnston, Elizabeth Owen, Cathy Peake, Meredith Rogers, Suzanne Spunner, Lynne Wilkinson.

* Condition: Good-Very Good (light wear) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

LIP 1978/79
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