Lisa Radford

For the past twenty years, Lisa Radford has written alongside (and sometimes about) contemporary art and artists in Melbourne. Along the way, her fictocriticism has captured many minor local histories that speak to politics, friendship, popular culture and a myriad of other subjectivities.
Aesthetic nonsense makes commonsense, thanks X brings together a selection of over fifty texts, including catalogue essays for Centre for Style, David Shrigley and Blair Trethowan, alongside other texts previously published in contemporary art journals including Art & Australia, Discipline and un Magazine.
Co-published by Surpllus and West Space, the publication includes contributions from Geoff Lowe & Jacqueline Riva (A Constructed World), Fiona Macdonald and Jarrod Rawlins. Designed and edited by Brad Haylock with editorial assistance by Robert Shumoail-Albazi.

Lisa Radford - Aesthetic nonsense makes commonsense, thanks X
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