Man Ray

Heavily illustrated two-volume boxset catalogue for the traveling exhibition held on the centenary of Man Ray’s birth at Namba City, 26.5-16.6.1990; Sezon Museum, 29.9-4.11.1990; Yokohama Museum of Art, 6.4-8.5.1991

Each volume of this Japanese publication on the American artist Man Ray serves as a wonderful index of Man Ray’s lifetime of work; one volume collects fine examples of his diverse work across drawing, painting and objects, the other focuses on his photographic work, positioning him as one of the leading artistic figures of American dadism and surrealism.
Accompanying texts by Merry Foresta, Lucien Treillard, Toshiharu Ito in Japanese, French and English. Primarily in Japanese language.

* Condition: Very Good (general light wear and marking to outer-box and spines, otherwise tight, bright copies) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

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Man Ray - [1890-1976]
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