Manfred Pernice

Manfred Pernice - SculpturamaManfred Pernice - Sculpturama

Manfred Pernice - Sculpturama
Manfred Pernice - Sculpturama

The exhibition title, sculpturama, alludes on the one hand to the panorama-like, near symmetrical layout that articulates the space with lines of sight and interrelation.
On the other hand, the title of Pernice’s exhibition refers directly to the theme: the possibilities (and history) of sculpture. Its fundamental properties – proportions, surface structures, material qualities, the relation of volumes to one another, but especially the relationship between sculpture and viewer and the related habits of reception – are dealt with and displayed as in a theme park.

Texts: Verena Dengler, Klaus Gölz, Axel Jablonski, Bettina Klein, András Pálffy, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, Hemma Schmutz, Annette Südbeck.

Manfred Pernice - Sculpturama
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