MAY #7


In this issue:

“I think it’s time to break off…’’
Olivier Zahm

Preface (Documents sur l’art, no 2, 1993)
Hervé Legros

Interview between Olivier Zahm (of Purple) and May

Wishing to be in Paris, glad to be in Berlin or different ways to escape the 1990s
Stephan Geene

Investigation of a Party: An Interview with Roberto Ohrt
Catherine Chevalier

Looking the part—The Empty Plan by Anja Kirschner and David Panos
Maija Timonen

Gerard Byrne, “In San Francisco they say, “Flash on it””
Clara Schulmann

Ken Okiishi, (Goodbye to) Manhattan
Karl Holmqvist

Richard Prince, American Prayer
François Aubart

Emily Sundblad, “Que Barbaro”
Rob McKenzie

Henrik Olesen, The Maculate Conception
Elisabeth Lebovici

Rirkrit Tiravanija, Lung Neaws Visits His Neighbours
Karl Holmqvist

Kœnraad Dedobbeleer, The Duplication of Dedobbeleer
Vincent Romagny

Christopher d’Archangelo, Contrary to Intuition, Let’s Begin with an Image
Scott Portnoy

MAY #7
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