Michael Stevenson

This publication was thought of as a compendium of texts and design material, bound together under one cover. Reflecting this diversity are 3 separate paper stocks and design formats that were all derived from archival material found during the research of the project.
»Suitcase Full of Sausage Casings« – Boris Kremer in conversation with Todd Niall (interview)
»(Post-) Fordism, (Neo-) Trekkaism«, David Craig (essay)
»The Importance of the Arts Today«, W. B. Sutch (speech transcript)
»The Lost Apocalypse«, Alan Rodgers-Smith (essay)
»Apocalypse 1989: a report for the commission for the future«, Peter Wilkins (report)

DESIGN: Christoph Keller

Michael Stevenson - This Is The Trekka
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