Mike Nelson

Catalogue for Mike Nelson’s Berlin exhibition, Space That Saw (platform for a performance in two parts) from 2012

“Located at Gartenstraße 6 in Berlin’s Mitte district, this work could have been initially understood as a giant found object: a former cabaret theatre and dining hall which opened in 1905 and closed around 1934. For decades quietly preserved in an unassuming back courtyard, the building is now a crumbling ruin. After a new owner recently cleared out the debris, Nelson set up a workshop and enhanced the space through a series of slight interventions, including rebuilding its collapsed stage. As the title suggests, the work was comprised of two performative parts that corresponded to two entrances to the building: the first led to the stage area and included Nelson’s workshop along the way; the second led to a vertical shaft, a light well, hidden within a former metal workshop.”
Frieze, Winter 2012

Mike Nelson - Space That Saw (Platform for a Performance in Two Parts)
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