Mladen Stilinović

Compiled in 2011 in Zegreb by Croatian conceptual artist Mladen Stilinović, Tekstovi / Texts, this collection contains texts written between 1978-2008, “which explain some of my works and standpoints regarding art, laziness, power, etc.” – M.S. Some previously published, some never before, all texts are here in Croatian and also translated to English, alongside reproductions of text works, drawings, etc.

Mladen Stilinović (April 10, 1947 – July 18, 2016) was one of the leading figures of the so-called “New Art Practice” in Croatia and a founding member of the informal neo-avantgarde, Group of Six Artists (1975-1979), together with Vladimir Martek, Boris Demur, Željko Jerman, Sven Stilinović and Fedomir Vučemilović. He lived and worked in Zagreb, Croatia.

Mladen Stilinović - Tekstovi / Texts
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