Mountain Ecstasy

1st printing of this fantastic collage classic from 1978 by Penny Slinger and Nik Douglas, published by Dragon’s Dream of Paris. 158 pages of full-colour sensual and kaleidoscopic photographic collage art and poetry.

“‘Mountain Ecstasy’ was my celebration of Tantric alchemy, freed from any restrictions, out of the confines of the house (‘An Exorcism’) and into the wide-open Technicolor landscapes of the high Himalayas. I never really thought of the collages as being material for a book – as they were rather outrageous – but Dragon’s Dream wanted to publish. Whereas ‘An Exorcism’ had been mostly my own photographs, the images for ‘Mountain Ecstasy’ were nearly all ‘objects trouves’. I had traveled for the first time in exotic parts (India, Nepal, Thailand) and the work reflects this input.

Thousands of copies of ‘Mountain Ecstasy’ were subsequently seized and burnt by British customs, my comment at the time was, “They thought it was pornography, they didn’t realize it was its antidote”.

– Penny Slinger

“Magnificant erotic assemblages of nudes, flowers, masks and rocks against landscapes, they tease, they excite and they dazzle the eye and in the end the sheer voluptuous beauty of these erotic montages finally exist in their own right as works of art and nary a bullet or a bomb in them.”

– Arthur Moyse, Freedom Anarchist Review

* Condition: Good (general minor wear to cover/spine from age, inside clean and tight) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Mountain Ecstasy
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