Mousse #41

Mousse #41, December 2013:TALKING ABOUT – What do you need me for? by Vivian Sky Rehberg; ALAN MOORE – A for Alan Moore by Hans Ulrich Obrist; TALKING ABOUT – Pots on Video by Nick Currie; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – Introduction by Joao Ribas; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – I will revisit my lost loves, and playmates masterless! by Chus Martínez; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – Digital Landfills by Cory Arcangel; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – Found Wanting by Angie Keefer; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – The Writing of Banality by Akram Zaatari; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – Transformative Energies by Defne Ayas; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – Compatability Mode by Seth Price; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – An Actual Subversion by David Levine; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY- Too Big to Fail by Adam Kleinman; ON PURPOSE AND URGENCY – Law as Art by Carey Young; TALKING ABOUT –  Mass Effect by Lauren Cornell & Ed Halter; STEVE MCQUEEN – Shackled Past by Jens Hoffmann; CHARLES RAY – A Sculptural Differential by Zachary Cahill; LUKE WILLIS THOMPSON – Out of the Gallery by Sophie von Olfers; TABOR ROBAK – I Love Screens by Cecilia Alemani; GCC – Gulf Committee Complex by Kevin McGarry; CALEB CONSIDINE -Mute Paintings by Alex Kitnick; THOMAS EGGERER – A Fragile Artificiality by John Kelsey; NEW YORK – KEVIN BEASLEY – Shaking the Museum by Jenny Schlenzka; LONDON – CHRISTINA MACKIE – A Constant Drift by Rhea Dall;  LOS ANGELES – JON PESTONI Jon Pestoni: With Flying Colors by Andrew Berardini; TALKING ABOUT – The Blurring of You and Me by Jennifer Allen; HOBBYPOPMUSEUM Gesamtkunstspiel by Catherine Wood; DENA YAGO – Life on Heat Island by Isla Leaver-Yap, and much more…

Mousse #41
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