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The Vestiarium Scoticum was originally published in a small edition in 1842 by brothers John Sobieski Stuart and Charles Edward Stuart, who had ingratiated themselves into Scottish society by claiming to be descendants of Bonnie Prince Charlie. The tartans featured were purportedly taken from a document from 1721 which itself was a copy of an orginal manuscript dating back to the 16th century. This was presented as historical proof of the connection between tartans and family clans, a link that previously had no record. The brothers claims were later found to be totally untrue — the Stuarts had in fact designed many of the supposedly ancient designs themselves, tartans now claimed as authentic by manufacturers and families alike.

The tartans contained within this book were sourced from digital versions uploaded to the Vestarium Scoticum Wikipedia page in 2007 by someone calling themselves Celtus. At the time of printing, Celtus is no longer active on Wikimedia Commons (the branch of Wikipedia that handles media files) and as such is considered a ‘retired editor’.

Printed on a Risograph, this edition supplements the subtractive process colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) typically used in printing with Red, Green and Blue — the components of the additive color model, the partitive mixing of the computer screen and the dominant colors of the tartans herein.

Printed and bound by Knust/Extrapool in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and Published by KLTB, Brooklyn, in an edition of 500.

Available with Red, Green or Blue covers.

Nick Relph - Vestiarium Scoticum
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