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“A Document Made By Paul Thek and Edwin Klein” is an immensely important collaborative work was created in 1969 by the American artist Paul Thek (1933-1988) and the Dutch photographer and designer Edwin Klein (1946-) for the Pauk Thek and the Artist’s Co-op installations at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, and the Moderne Museet, Stockholm. Edwin Klein and Janos Gat Gallery co-published this fine reissue of this incredibly rare artists book. Thek’s wish was to turn his diary into artworks: three-dimensional albums, each double page a full-bleed photograph shot from above of a still life of pictures, drawings, books, postcards, magazine clippings, objects (ashtrays, wine bottles, rope, garments, plaster mushrooms, and various other detritus from Thek’s studio), the artist’s themselves, photographs by friends and colleagues, all printed at 100% scale of the original newspaper sheets that provide the backdrop throughout the entire book. Manipulated by Thek and Klein, the pictures and the objects change from one page spread to the next, all in constant movement, capturing the personal and magical nature of Thek’s work and the spontaneous and joyous nature of Thek’s collaborations with Klein.

“The document follows my concept of what a book should be like, and Paul’s wish to turn his diary into a kind of catalogue – a three-dimensional album, each double page a photograph of a still life with pictures, drawings, books, cards, and objects…The book has the dimensions of an open newspaper, actual size. Turning the pages of the document, one turns the pages of a diary. The pictures and the objects placed on the newspaper keep changing and seem to be in constant movement. Most of the photographs are from the studio, documenting works in progress created for the Stedelijk Museum exhibition. There are pictures from other exhibitions, porno magazines, whatever was lying around, everything that surrounded us in our daily life.” – Edwin Klein

Housed in printed cardboard box casing to reflect the original print, this highly recommended, now out-of-print, re-issue edition has itself become quite scarce.

Due to size this book may require additional postage.

A Document Made By Paul Thek and Edwin Klein
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