Performative Philosophy

Accompanying catalogue for Performative Philosophy: The films and writings of Chris Kraus and Semiotext(e) which presents Kraus’ work as a film-maker, writer and co-editor of Semiotext(e). The exhibition comprising films, books, scripts, posters and stills and production notes, encompasses the poetic force of Kraus’ filmmaking and her deeply unique and inventive voice that moves through art, fiction, feminism, politics and the many spheres of cultural production.

Additional to Kraus’ films, Performative Philosophy will present film and video by authors published by Semiotext(e), including Guy Debord, Penny Arcade, David Wojnarowicz, David Rattray, Sylvére Lotringer, Gary Indiana and Bernadette Corporation. The exhibition locates Kraus as the thread linking this diverse selection of artists, filmmakers and philosophers.

Performative Philosophy
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