Peter Booth / Mike Brown


Scarce catalogue published to accompany the two-person exhibition “Exhibition 7 : In The Labyrinth : drawings by Peter Booth and Mike Brown”, a traveling exhibition across regional galleries in 1980-1981. Catalogue is split in two with 20 illustrations of works by each Australian artist, in black and white and colour. Includes an introduction and biography for each artist.

Peter Booth (born 2 November 1940 in Sheffield, England) is an Australian figurative and a surrealist painter, and one of the key late-20th-century Australian artists. His work is characterised by an intense emotional power of often dark narratives, and esoteric symbolism.

Mike Brown (1938-1997) was a significant late 20th century contemporary Australian artist. One of the founders of the Annandale Imitation Realists of the early 1960s, now recognised as a key event in the development of anti-formalist art in Australia. Brown was a unique leader of alternative avant guard art in Australia, railing against elite art cliques. In 1965 Brown became the only Australian artist ever to be prosecuted for obscenity and scandals would continue even after his death in 1997. During his lifetime, Brown produced a multiplicity of work including naïve landscapes, pattern based abstraction, pop and text paintings, found object assemblages, graffiti, performance.

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Peter Booth / Mike Brown - In The Labyrinth (1980)
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