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Originally conceived as a special Semiotext(e) issue on homosexuality at the end of the 70s, “Polysexuality” quickly evolved into a more complex and iconoclastic project whose intent was to do away with recognized genders altogether, considered far too limitative. The project landed somewhere between humor, anarchy, science-fiction, utopia and apocalypse. In the few years that it took to put it together, it also evolved from a joyous schizo concept to a darker, neo-Lacanian elaboration on the impossibility of sexuality. The tension between the two, occasionally perceptible, is the theoretical subtext of the issue. Upping the ante on gender distinctions, “Polysexuality” started by blowing wide open all sexual classifications, inventing unheard-of categories, regrouping singular features into often original configurations, like Corporate Sex, Alimentary Sex, Soft or Violent Sex, Discursive Sex, Self- Sex, Animal Sex, Child Sex, Morbid Sex, or Sex of the Gaze. Mixing documents, interviews, fiction, theory, poetry, psychiatry and anthropology, “Polysexuality” became the encyclopedia sexualis of a continent that is still emerging. What it displayed in all its forms could be called, broadly speaking, the Sexuality of Capital. (Actually the issue being rather hot, it was decided to cool it off somewhat by only using “capitals” throughout the issue. It was also the first issue for which we used the computer).

The “Polysexuality” issue was attacked in Congress for its alleged advocation of animal sex.

Includes work by Pierre Klossowski, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Félix Guattari, Gilles Deleuze, Jean-François Lyotard, William S. Burroughs, Paul Virilio, Georges Bataille, Jacques Lacan, Roland Barthes, and Guy Hocquenghem, together with an introduction written by Canadian editor and psychoanalyst François Peraldi.

This 1995 edition is an exact reprint of the 1st 1981 edition, both published by Semiotext(e).

* Condition: Good-Very Good (a clean, good copy with only minor shelf/reading wear/bumping) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

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