Postmodernism: A Consideration of the Appropriation of Aboriginal Imagery (Forum Papers)


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This limited edition publication is a collection of papers that resulted from a forum, entitled “Postmodernism: A Consideration of the Appropriation of Aboriginal Imagery?”, which was held at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, on June 16 1988.

Edited by Sue Cramer, Director, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Foreward by Sue Cramer
“Some Background To Issues Concerning The Appropriation of Aboriginal Imagery” by Henrietta Fourmile
“Re―Appropriation” by Tim Johnson
“A Whiter Shade of Palaeolithic” by Vivien Johnson
“Appropriation of Aboriginal Imagery: Tim Johnson and Imants Tillers” by Bob Lingard “Postmodernism, Appropriation and Western Desert Acrylics” by Eric Michaels


Henrietta Fourmile lives in Brisbane, and is a writer and lecturer in Aboriginal Studies at Brisbane CAE, Mt Gravatt. She was born in Yarrabah, North Queensland, and is a member of the Yidindji tribe, Kurabana clan, of the Cairns region.

Tim Johnson is a writer and artist living in Sydney who has worked closely with Papunya artists. He exhibits mainly in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Vivien Johnson lives in Sydney and is Senior Lecturer in sociology at Macquarie University, Sydney. She also writes on Western Desert Painting and rock music.

Bob Lingard lives in Brisbane and is a writer and sociologist who teaches in the Department of Education at the University of Queensland. He is also co-author of Understanding Schooling (London, Routlalge, 1988).

Eric Michaels was a writer and anthropologist who lectured at Griffith University and was resident in Brisbane. He worked as an art adviser at Yuendumu and wrote on the subject of contemporary Aboriginal culture, He is also the author of For a Cultural Future: Francis Jupurrurla Makes TV at Yuendumu (Art and Criticism Monograph series Volume 3 Artspace, 1987. Edited by Juan Davila and Paul Foss) which examines the introduction of media into the Aboriginal community.

Postmodernism: A Consideration of the Appropriation of Aboriginal Imagery
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