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Bruno Munari
Da Cosa Nasce Cosa

This richly illustrated and designed book was published on the occasion of the exhibition “Bruno Munari – Da Cosa Nasce Cosa -“, 1 December 2007 – 14 January, 2008, at The Itabashi Museum of Art, Tokyo, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Italian artist Bruno Munari’s birth.
Chronologically showcasing his inspiring and iconic graphic works in book and poster design, sculpture, illustration, interior/furniture design, games, art objects, and much more, this gorgeous exhibition catalogue illustrates Munari’s rich creative history through modernism, futurism, and concrete art.

Bruno Munari (October 24, 1907, Milan – September 30, 1998, Milan) was an Italian artist, designer, and inventor who contributed fundamentals to many fields of visual arts (painting, sculpture, film, industrial design, graphic design) in modernism, futurism, and concrete art, and in non visual arts (literature, poetry) with his research on games, didactic method, movement, tactile learning, kinesthetic learning, and creativity.

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Bruno Munari - Da Cosa Nasce Cosa
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