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David Hamilton
A Summer in Saint Tropez

1st UK edition photo-book published by Collins, London, in 1982 with the release of A Summer in St. Tropez or Un été à Saint-Tropez (original French title) a French film directed by English photographer David Hamilton.
The film was shot at and around David Hamilton’s 800 year old house in Saint Tropez, France, and, as this book is testament, aesthetically echoes the photographic imagery he became so famous and influential for. David Hamilton (15 April 1933 – 25 November 2016) was an English photographer and film director who started out as graphic designer for Peter Knapp of Elle magazine before moving to Paris where his photography became iconic throughout the 1960s-1980s. His dreamy, soft focus style of photography became enormously influential through his magazine work with Vogue, Twen, Elle, Réalités, and Photo, amongst many others. He published many acclaimed and often controversial photo-books that have been printed in editions the world over.

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David Hamilton - A Summer in Saint Tropez
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