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Design Als Gegenstand (Design as an object)
Der Neue Glanz der Dinge

Design Als Gegenstand (Design as an object) was published in Germany in 1984 and showcases many of the leading contemporary/radical designers of the early 1980s and visually documents many great works seldom seen elsewhere.

Includes the work of Adolfo Natalini, Thomas S. Bley, Daniele Puppa, Franco Raggi, One Off, Studio Alchimia, Sacha Ketoff, Piero Castiglioni, Winfried Scheuer, Lux, Rouli Lecatsa, Borek Sipek, Paolo Deganello, Lapo Binazzi, Florian Borkenhagen · Harald Krischer, Javier Mariscal, Andrea Branzi, Studio Dada, David Palterer, Ettore Sottsas Jr, Bepi Maggiori, Marco Zanuso Jr., Antonia Astori De Ponti, Denys Santachiara, Juma Francisco,  Michele De Luchhi, Nemo, Paola Navone, Jasper Morrison, Zak Ark, Maurizio Corrado, Martine Bedin, Daniel Weil, Totem, Bellefast, Claus Böhmler, Rainer Krause, George James Sowden, Tom Lynham & Lee Curtis, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Jörg Ratzlaff, Dirk Staubert, Matteo Thun.

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Design Als Gegenstand
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