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Holly Childs
No Limit

It’s December 2012, Ash’s connecting flight out of Auckland has been grounded by a volcanic eruption, and there’s a serious apocalypse vibe in the air. But at the airport she spots a girl. Hyperreal, freakishly attractive. A dream girl. Stuck in this city, getting pinged from one stranger to the next, what else can she do but hope to run into her again?

And all the while the volcano haze in the air is getting thicker. Life in the cloud. Everyone’s having trouble connecting. Is it the world that’s ending, or just the internet?

Told in sugar-rush prose, No Limit is a book for everyone who’s ever been delayed, half-alive, grounded with no place to sleep. Ash is restless, searching, flashing between disaster movies, warehouse raves, internet cafés, Tazos, vegan junk food, guided meditations on smartphone, the countryside. For her the question isn’t how to live in the age of the internet, it’s who’s going to be there when it all falls apart.

Holly Childs is a writer, editor (Crazy in Love magazine) and artist. She makes work around digital semiotics, transformations of language and culture, aberration, fashion. Her writing has appeared in Going Down SwingingOverlandEndless Lonely PlanetPolarMagasine.

Holly Childs - No Limit
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