Moravian Gallery, Brno

Two or Three Things I Know About Provo

Invited by the organizers of the 25th International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno to guest-curate one of the exhibitions, Experimental Jetset decided to present a reworked version of ‘Two or Three Things I Know About Provo’, the exhibition that originally took place in the beginning of 2011, at Amsterdam art space W139.

For the Brno Bienniale, Experimental Jetset reworked and reinterpreted their original exhibition, adding new material and updated texts, as well as video- and audio-material.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the Moravian Gallery published a small catalogue, designed by Experimental Jetset, featuring contributions by Auke Boersma, Johannes Schwartz and Marek Pokorny.

Two or Three Things I Know About Provo
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