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Christopher L G Hill
Tink Thank

Since 2011, Christopher L G Hill has sustained an open-ended project of twitter poetry. Through fluid yet disciplined haiku-like tweets, a multistanza poem has emerged, described on twitter.com/CLGHill as “a florid poem flailing in reflexivity”. In his artist book tink thank, Christopher L G Hill has translated poetic material crafted according to internet protocols into a form that operates in a non-virtual, printed environment. The result is not an analogue duplication; through addition, subtraction and reformatting of the original poetic content, a new work has been produced that explores the lived nature of expression, impression and introspection.

Text within and outside of an internet context has become an integral part of Christopher L G Hill’s expansive practice over the past decade, see for example:


3-ply is co-publishing tink thank with Poly:be Press, a new imprint focusing on projects that traverse the digital and analogue, including translations, hybrid works, and material archiving of digital ephemera.

Christopher L G Hill - Tink Thank
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