Ryoichi Sato, Tokyo

Frank Stella

Wonderful over-sized hardcover monograph on the work of Frank Stella, published only in Japan in 1991. Lavishly illustrated throughout with countless works of Stella’s, focussing particularly on his incredible works from the 1970s and 1980s that merge painting and sculpture into brightly coloured three-dimensional constructions. Adding this new, dynamic dimensionality to the painting, incorporating cast aluminium or sculpted fibreglass, each highly decorated or painted piece is set in relief – shadows and perforations become as much a part of the composition as colour and light. Idiosyncratic, unique, cosmopolitan with titles derived from literature or music or a geographical locale, the topographical nature of these works demonstrates what one writer called a “chaotic sea of images,” but it is within this chaos that Stella harnesses to serve steady invention. Beautiful large photographs, including great photographic imagery of Stella’s studio and works in progress, along with an interview and biography to accompany the many large photographs.

* Condition: Very Good (w. dust jacket, protected under mylar wrap) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Frank Stella (1991)
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