Seth Siegelaub, New York


Douglas Huebler

Very rare artist book by Douglas Huebler, published in 1968 by Seth Siegelaub, New York. This important historical catalog is the 1st for a show in which the catalog was the show itself.
First and only printing, in an edition of 1000 copies.

“The existence of each sculpture is documented by it’s documentation.

The documentation takes the form of photographs, maps, drawings and descriptive language.

The marker “material“ and the shape described by the location of the markers have no special significance, other than tot o demark the limits of the piece.

The permanence and destiny oft he markers have no special significance.

The duration pieces exist only in the documentation of the marker’s destiny within a selected period of time.

The proposed projects do not differ from the other pieces as idea, but do differ to he extent of their material substance.”

— from introduction by Douglas Huebler.

* Condition: Good (light wear to covers, rubbing to bottom-right corner) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Douglas Huebler - November 1968
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