The Estate of Stuart Sherman, New York

Stuart Sherman
Beginningless Thought / Endless Seeing: The Works of Stuart Sherman

Stuart A. Sherman (1945-2001) was a performance artist, playwright, filmmaker, videographer, poet, essayist, sculptor and collagist. Born in Rhode Island, he moved to San Francisco and Manhattan soon after college and began a career in the arts which would span the next three decades. Sherman was possibly the best known for his solo Spectacles: programs of very short routines, usually involving structured manipulations of inanimate objects, performed on portable tabletops and in larger theatrical settings. He created and performed over twenty Spectacles in all (both solo and group performances) as well as larger-scale dramatic works. He also made over forty films and videos. Although best known for his performances and video, Sherman worked in a variety of visual and literary media. He performed, exhibited, and lectured throughout the United States (San Francisco, Cambridge, Boston, Indianapolis, Chicago) and abroad (Germany, Holland, France, Wales, Japan, Australia, Finland, Russia).

Stuart Sherman, Beginningless Thought / Endless Seeing
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