The Lough Press, Berlin


The Fall Lyrics
Mark E. Smith

“The Fall Lyrik & Texte von Mark E. Smith. In Deutsch & Englisch. With Drawings by Brix.”

The now famous, treasured book-artefact of the Fall, published in a single edition in 1985 by The Lough Press in Berlin and now super scarce. Early Fall Mark E. Smith lyrics w/ facing German translations, reproductions of Smith’s original typescripts & handwritten drafts, sleeve notes, reviews, b&w photos & drawings from the period 1977-1983, all wrapped up one glossy orange paperback. The book contains material (e.g. “Wigan Soul Poem”) which is nowhere else available, quickly making it a very sought after Fall collector’s item.

* Condition: Very Good (great copy with small tear/crease to cover) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

The Fall Lyrics (1985)
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