Touko Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo


Pleats Please by Issey Miyake / Issey Miyake by Irving Penn
Two-volume Exhibition Catalogue, 1990


The incredibly rare and beautiful two-volume catalogue edition, issued in conjunction with the exhibition “Issey Miyake: Pleats Please” at Touko Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan, 1990.

This is a first edition printing in very fine condition.

Housed in their original printed cardboard folder/pocket, these two publications, designed by Ikko Tanaka, both feature text in English and Japanese. Volume one: “Pleats Please by Issey Miyake” examines the exhibition “Issey Miyake: Pleats Please”, which saw the first presentation of renowned Japanese designer Issey Miyake’s new technique called garment pleating, in which the garments are cut and sewn first, then sandwiched between layers of paper and fed into a heat press, where they are pleated. The fabric’s ‘memory’ holds the pleats and when the garments are liberated from their paper cocoon, they are ready-to wear. Miyake’s pleating works were first exhibited here in 1990, three years before the launch of the famous line “Pleats Please” in 1993. The publication documents production and installation photography from the exhibitions, where the garments were set into a custom built floor system.

Volume Two: “Issey Miyake by Irving Penn”, features stunning photography by the great Irving Penn, of each of Issey Miyake’s first “Pleats Please” garments together with a poem by Shuntaro Tanikawa.

This is truely a collector’s item for any Issey Miyake enthusiast or collector, marking the beginning of “Pleats Please” through the photography of Irving Penn. This copy has been well looked after, with both books in wonderful condition, protected by the original printed folder sleeve, which is also in near-new condition.

* Condition: Fine (tight and clean copy, comes in original protective cardboard sleeve) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake / Issey Miyake by Irving Penn
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