Westspace, Melbourne

Lou Hubbard
Dead Still Standing

Dead Still Standing

Lou Hubbard

30TH JAN 2015 – 28TH FEB 2015 · WEST SPACE

This exhibition brings together sculpture, ambitious in concept and scale, alongside a suite of new video works that examine the dynamics of training, submission and the aesthetics of sentimentality. The project is an opportunity for Hubbard to fully explore these strands using the entire site of West Space to unfold the formal and narrative synchronicity in her video and sculptural processes.

Hubbard continues to focus on the nature of submission in acts of training that reveal the effect of training on one’s nature; this culminating in expressions of the cruel and sentimental. Building on Hubbard’s ability to draw out emotional resonances through careful selection and placement of the found and readily-at-hand objects. Horses, dogs, Victorian era furnishings and sports equipment form the strange ensemble of objects that Hubbard calls upon in Dead Still Standing, this shifting between formal play with materials and a sense of perversity through these objects to produce disturbing feelings in the viewer. In this way, West Space becomes a series of rooms with objects and screens: mute and screaming, equine and canine, past and present.

This paperback takes the form of a visual essay and associative archive that not only documents the exhibition but also takes a broader look at Hubbard’s 15-year practice. Edited by West Space Program Curator Liang Luscombe and designed by James Oates

Lou Hubbard - Dead Still Standing
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