Re-print #3: I Have No Time (1983 [1979])



“Despite Mladen’s instruction to read this book when I have no time, when I am very busy, I first ‘properly’ read I have no time when I had a lot of time, while lying in bed in a hospital in the early 1990s. It was then that I began to understand that this small book was more than some small joke. I have no time, I have no time, I have no time… is for me a kind of mantra, to stop and think about what and why I am doing something, anything…Paradoxically the pursuit of laziness requires an active engagement in stealing back time. That activity becomes harder and harder when time seems to accelerate and is consumed by an endless quota of daily tasks (even supposedly art associated) and so this little book, first hand-written in 1978, becomes more and more important (to read properly) through time, especially when you are very busy…”
— Kerrie Poliness, Re-print #3: I Have No Time (1983 [1979])

The Re-print project is a curated series that reintroduces out-of-print artist publications to a contemporary audience. The series also exploits the character of the reprints to insert interventions in public archives: introducing material that was never legally deposited, or reinserting previously archived publications in the form of mediated replications, thereby indexing the originals.

The book selected for Re-print #3 is Nemam vremena (1979) [I Have No Time (1979)] (1983) by Mladen Stilinović. The 1983 version was offset printed by Edition Dacic, Tubingen, in an edition of 150 copies. The specific book scanned for this Re-print was loaned from the collection of artist John Nixon.

Nemam vremena (1979) [I Have No Time (1979)] was the first printed version of ‘I Have No Time’, and was an Artist’s Edition, 70 copies. It was offset printed in Zagreb, seven sheets, softcover, stapled, 17.5 x 13.5 cm.

Nemam vremena (1978) [I Have No Time (1978)] was the original version of ‘I Have No Time’. It was handwritten by Mladen Stilinović in pencil on paper, nine sheets (four written on), cardboard covers, stapled, 17 x 24 cm.

Mladen Stilinović (April 10, 1947 – July 18, 2016) was a Croatian conceptual artist. He was one of the leading figures of the so-called “New Art Practice” in Croatia and a founding member of the informal neo-avantgarde, Group of Six Artists (1975-1979), together with Vladimir Martek, Boris Demur, Željko Jerman, Sven Stilinović and Fedomir Vučemilović. He lived and worked in Zagreb, Croatia.

Re-print #3: I Have No Time (1983 [1979]) by Mladen Stilinović
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