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Award winning Australian photographer Rennie Ellis’ cult classic photo-book, “Life’s A Beach”, published in Melburne in 1983. Steeped in beach lore since his early days as a lifesaver and surfer, Ellis put together this vivid collection of quintessential images of Australian beach life with great affection and insight. These early 1980’s photographs shimmer with summer light and a graceful, infectious sensuality – the greatest photographic collection of Australian beach culture put to paper.

“On the beach we chuck away our clothes, our status and our inhibitions and engage in rituals of sun-worship and baptism. It’s a retreat to our primal needs.” Rennie Ellis

* Condition: Good-Very Good (general shelf and handling wear to cover and pages-  light creasing) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

Rennie Ellis - Life's A Beach
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