Richard Tuttle / Agnes Martin


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‘Because Religion of Love (written in 1990s) is so late in coming out, we hope it worth the wait. As representative of one of the most important artist’s late thinking; on the one hand, it reconfirms her most classical thought (Beauty is the mystery of life.), and, on the other, adds new thought with an urgency only found in a mature artist of her age and persuasion. One of the most rigorous of sensibilities, we do not know what she meant by uncharacteristically asking another artist, Richard Tuttle, to illustrate her text, for she, unlike he, had a clear understanding of the meaning of illustration. Knowing that, he took it up as much to fathom a friend’s genius after their passing, as well as the chance to say goodbye, life did not include, yet made available in publication. Hopefully, the reader can enjoy these various levels of interaction as art.’ Richard Tuttle, London, September, 2014 –

Richard Tuttle / Agnes Martin - Religion of Love
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