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In 1967 Australian architect Robin Boyd presented the Boyer Lectures, which were broadcast nationally on ABC Radio. He delivered five lectures on a variety of topics and issues relating to Australia, architecture and design and prevailing cultural values of the time, under the series title Artificial Australia. The lectures were: Lecture 1 – Creative Man in a Frontier Society; Lecture 2 – The Architecture of Ideas; Lecture 3 – Integrity in the Artificial Object; Lecture 4 – The Environmental Arts in Australia; Lecture 5 – The Australian Myth in the Modern World.
All of the lectures are here transcribed in this scarce pocketbook volume published in 1967 by the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

Beginning in 1959, the Boyer Lectures is a series of talks by prominent Australians chosen by the ABC board to present ideas on major social, scientific or cultural issues. Broadcast on ABC Radio for 40 years, the Lecture series stimulated thought, discussion and debate in Australia on an astonishing range of subjects—great minds examining issues and values.

Robin Boyd (1919–71) is arguably Australia’s most influential architect. He was an idealist, a visionary, who believed that good design would improve the quality of people’s lives. A tireless public educator and outspoken social commentator, he designed more than two hundred buildings and wrote such classics as The Puzzle of Architecture and Australia’s Home.

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Robin Boyd - Artificial Australia (the Boyer Lectures 1967)
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