Sam Lewitt

Sam Lewitt investigates the complex systems of linguistics and semiotics. The notion of collection and the parallax of language between production and exchange are guiding ideas for his work. In this title the artist extends his analysis of the physical and linguistic conjoining of materials and signs, which organize everyday life. It includes a thirty-nine page frontispiece dealing with the ossified remnants and a shifting lexicon of the identically titled Fluid Employment – a work that takes the form of a disposable, self-contained and unsustainable evaporation system for a magnetic fluid used in a myriad of manufacturing applications, cheap fans and industrial magnets.

Art historian Alex Kitnick and philosopher Nathan Brown reflect on Lewitt’s complication of conventions of informational display, the materiality of literacy and the politics of contradiction in this richly illustrated book.

Designed by Joseph Logan & Sam Lewitt, assisted by Rachel Hudson

Sam Lewitt - Fluid Employment
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