Sculptures Also Die



Artists: Francesco Arena (Italy), Nina Beier (Denmark), Katinka Bock (Germany), Giorgio Calò Andreotta (Italy), Dario D’Aronco (Italy), N.Dash (USA), Michael Dean (UK), Oliver Laric (Austria), Mark Manders (Netherlands), Michael E. Smith (USA), Fernando Sánchez Castillo (Spain) and Francisco Tropa (Portugal), Oscar Tuazon (USA)

Edition of 1,000 copies

Produced by Palazzo Strozzi Foundation

Sculptures Also Die offers a reflection on contemporary sculpture curated by Lorenzo Benedetti through new and existing work by twelve Italian and international artists who will be forging a reflection on the meaning, the potential and the New Experimental Approaches in sculpture today. Contemporary artists tend to use new forms and materials to address a broader timeSpan in on ongoing dialogue between the past and the future;yet at the sametime, the exhibition reflects on the way in Which today’s artists are so Rediscovering examined material as bronze, stone or ceramic, That Appeared to have been relegated to the Purely academic sphere.These materials are rediscovered and used in a conceptual manner to reflect on themes examined: such as the monument, the fragment, the way material wear over time, and the recovery of the recent modernist past.

Sculptures Also Die
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