SD (Space Design) no. 203, 1981



SD (Space Design): A monthly journal on Art and Architecture.
“SD” (Space Design) was founded in Japan in 1965; a comprehensive monthly magazine on architecture, urban problems and fine arts which was unique in the world and quickly became a leading, highly-esteemed journal of international modern design.

SD no. 203, August 1981

Architecture as Environmental Architecture; “De-Architecture – Architecture as Art” by James Wines; “The Meaning and Context of SITE” by Kazumasa Yamashita; Works = BEST Products’ Showrooms Prototype Floor Plan, Indeterminate Facade (Houston). Parking Lot Showroom, Notch Showroom (Sacramento), Tilt Showroom (Towson), Terrarium Showroom, Hialeah Showroom (Miami), Cutler Ridge Showroom (Miami), Scale Reference Showroom, Forest Building (Henrico); Other Projects: Molino Stucky Project, Ghost Parking Lot (Hamden), Madison Avenue Project (New York), General Store, Perpetual Savings and Loan Association Bank. Highrise of Homes; Buildings for Best Products (The Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York), Stanley Tigerman, A.M. Stern, Charles Moore, Anthony Lumsden, Allan Greenberg, Michael Graves; BEST Products Corporate Headquarters, by H. H. P. A. (Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates)

SPECIAL FEATURE: Another Form of Wooden Space by Yoshiyuki Suyama; Wood Constructing Dwellings of Eastern Europe – Principles of wood construction; Global Research on Residential Architecture—Conclusion to the series; SERIAL PHOTO ESSAY— PARIS: Ceci n’est pas Paris by Kazutoshi Morita and Keiichi Tahara; NICE SPACE – Piazza del Duomo, Pisa by Kouji Kusabuka and Masanobu Yuzawa; SERIAL PRESENTATION: (Vision in Motion) Third Chapter, by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, , translated by Kimimasa Abe; BOOK REVIEW; EMINENT WORKS ABROAD – “The Geometry of the House” compiled from foreign architectural magazines by Shin’ichi Okada; DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURAL NOTES For Eternity and Liberty ”Shoel Yoh” by Gruppo Specchio and much more.

SD is one of the finest journals dedicated to new design (architecture, furniture, interior, environmental, industrial…), becoming a collector’s item and much sought-after archival resource.

* Condition: Very Good (Clean tight copy with general light shelf wear and age) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

SD no. 203, 1981 (SITE)
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