Self Service No. 43


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Self Service Fall / Winter 2015 Issue 43

Guest-edited by Melanie Ward.

Self Service Spring / Summer 2015 Issue 42, with Ezra Petronio and Wendy Rowe (Julia Van Os, Anja Rubik, Natalie Westling, Chloe Sevigny, Marjan Jonkman, Grace Hartzel, & Audrey Nurit), Harley Weir and Poppy Kain (Stella Lucia, Aneta Pajak, Erika Linder, Fernanda Ly, Sophia Ahrens, Damaris Goddrie, Grace Simmons, Aya Jones, Amalie Schmidt, Line Brems, Annika Krijt, Greta Varlese, Madison Stubbington, Roos Abels, Misha Hart, Jing Wen, Mia Gruenwald, & Amanda) and so much more.

Self Service magazine is a fashion and cultural biannual magazine. The magazine features the preeminent players in the fashion world, with innovative editorials photographed by the world’s best photographers and stylists.

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Self Service No. 43
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