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Luigi Bonotto dedicated himself to keeping the work of the artists of Fluxus and Experimental Poetry alive, and to preserving, cataloguing, and promoting their poetry, music, and work, which was strongly influenced by John Cage and the key concept of his theoretical framework, indeterminacy. Published on the occasion of an exhibition curated by Patrizio Peterlini and Walter Rovere, with the collaboration of Giorgio Maffei, this catalogue delves deeply into this aspect of the Fluxus network. Rife with illustrations, the materials of the collection, as well as the movement and its history, are analysed in scholarly essays by Anna Cestelli Guidi, Alison Knowles, and the curators.

features the work of Henning Christiansen, Wolf Vostell, Eric Andersen, George Brecht, Sylvano Bussotti, John Cage, Giuseppe Chiari, Philip Corner, Esther Ferrer, Juan Hidalgo, Dick Higgins, Robert Filliou, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Joe Jones, Milan Knizak, Takehisa Kosugi, Shigeko Kubota, György Ligeti, George Maciunas, Jackson Mac Low, Walter Marchetti, Charlotte Moorman, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Ben Patterson, Terry Riley, Mieko Shiomi, Takako Saito, Gianni-Emilio Simonetti, Ben Vautier, Yoshimasa Wada, La Monte Young and others.

Sense Sound Sound Sense
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