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First printing of the great “Shelter”, from 1973.

From the early days of the environmental movement that began in the 1970s, this book attempted to find “a responsive & sensitive balance between the still-usable skills & wisdom of the past & the sustainable products & inventions of the 20th century.  About simple homes, natural materials, & human resourcefulness.”

Shelter is many things – a visually dynamic, oversized compendium of organic architecture past and present; a how-to book that includes over 1,250 illustrations; and a Whole Earth Catalog-type sourcebook for living in harmony with the earth by using every conceivable material.

First published in 1973, Shelter remains a source of inspiration and invention. Including the nuts-and-bolts aspects of building, the book covers such topics as dwellings from Iron Age huts to Bedouin tents to Togo’s tin-and-thatch houses; nomadic shelters from tipis to “housecars”; and domes, dome cities, sod iglus, and even treehouses.

By the same guys who brought you the earlier “Domebook” 1 and 2, this is a wonderful design resource, illustrated with black-and-white & color photographs, sketches, & plans throughout.

The authors recount personal stories about alternative dwellings that illustrate sensible solutions to problems associated with using materials found in the environment – with fascinating, often surprising results.

“It’s an inspiring celebration of indigenous, handmade, personal-statement building. Oughta be the first book a freshman architecture student sees.”
-J. Baldwin, Whole Earth Review

“How very fine it is to leaf through a 176 page book on architecture – from baliwicks to zomes – and find no palaces, no pyramids, or temples, no cathedrals, skyscrapers, Kremlins, or Pentagons in sight… Instead, a book of homes, habitations for human beings in all their infinite variety.”
-Edward Abbey

Shelter is a must not only for those actively engaged in house building, but for everyone who understands that lifestyle begins at home – that we are, after all, where we live.”
Rolling Stone

“It’s time to educate the architects. To that extent this book on shakes and wattle and daub is the most revolutionary architecture book around…”
Architecture in Australia

* Condition: Good/Fair (due to size, age and paper stock of this publication, the cover/spine has tanning, bumping, creasing, looseness and marking, but the interior pages are bright and clean throughout) – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

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