Simon Denny

Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Cruise Line” at NAK. Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, this artist book (79 page, black and white) compiles two texts by the writer Mark von Schlegell and cultural critic Norman M. Klein, alongside works by the artist, Simon Denny. The main protagonist, the cruise line, stands in as the appropriate invention of floating entertainment fortresses, themed and self-sufficient corporate worlds assessed to illustrate topics of “scripted environments” and constructed realities. “Cruise Line” relentlessly plays this game of excavation and revelation; shells, sheathing and surfaces crop up everywhere. Norman M. Klein treats his essay as an archive of the American psyche, weaving in and out of fact and creative deceits with aspirations of arriving at a place conclusively between. Recounting the surveillance logs from visitors on board the Magic, Mark von Schlegell produces a cerebral text that covers topics from presumptions of the cruise ship customers to allusions of NASA to the falling of the Berlin Wall all above and below the terminals of templative décor and starry nights. Each book includes a set of four postcards.

edited by Simon Denny, Dorothea Jendricke & Stephanie Seidel

Simon Denny - Cruise Line
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