SITE: Architecture as Art

Great book from 1980 on the works of SITE, a multidisciplinary architecture and environmental art organization chartered in New York in 1970 for the purpose of exploring new concepts for the urban/suburban visual environmental.
Commonly aligned with radical architecture, anti-architecture or arch-art, SITE have described their philosophical position as “De-Architecture”.  Pierre Restany presented SITE as “a paradigm of humour & disorder, the perfect antidote against post-modernist, rationalist & structuralist conventions”.

Contents include: SITE: Artists of Our Time by Pierre Restany (essay) / The Poetics of the Unfinished by Bruno Zevi (essay) / SITE – Description of the Organization / Notes on the philosophy of SITE / Lists of Buildings and Projects / Exhibitions / Bibliography / Selected Projects / Projects lllustrated / and heavily illustrated profiles (w. photographic documentation and plan drawings) on all of their major projects spanning 1969-1979, including their phenomenal designs for BEST Products.

* Condition: Very good, tight, clean copy, only slight general shelf wear – All care is taken to provide accurate condition details of used books, photos available on request.

SITE: Architecture as Art
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