Sriwhana Spong

Nijinsky relates to a series of Sriwhana Spong films that are a re-imagining of a George Balanchine ballet, The Song of the Nightingale, originally choreographed in 1925 for the itinerant Ballet Russes. Based on the only fragments remaining of the original (the Stravinsky score and documentation of the Matisse designs for set and costumes, and some of the costumes themselves) Spong’s films and the book’s contents exhort the Balanchine maxim, “Before is over. Performance is now”.

Nijinsky channels the presence of the famous chimeric dancer for whom the book is named, and involves stills from the films along with collage works that overlay geometric forms onto ballet photographs cut from picture books. It also features writing by Sarah Hopkinson, Gwynneth Porter, ballet photographer and author Keith Money, and the artist herself.

This book project has been supported by Creative New Zealand, and was co-published with the Auckland gallery Michael Lett on the occasion of the screening of Spong’s Lethe-wards at Art Basel in June 2010.

Texts by Sarah Hopkinson, Gwynneth Porter, Keith Money, Sriwhana Spong.

Published by Clouds and Michael Lett

Sriwhana Spong - Nijinsky
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