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This book is a chronicle of the Ubu Films group. Formed by Albie Thoms, David Perry, Aggy Read and John Clark in Sydney 1965, it was Australia’s first group devoted to making, exhibiting and distributing experimental films. Throughout the 1965-1970 period, Ubu produced Australia’s first lightshows, published this country’s first underground newspaper (Ubunews), and persistently advocated for the reform of censorship laws and the need for government support for the arts.
Flamboyant, controversial and resolutely independent, Ubu Films instigated an extensive network of Australia’s underground activity at aa time when Australia’s cultural and political landscape was in transition. For only a brief period, Ubu established a viable proposition that film, performance, painting and political action could coalesce into a vibrant interactive community. What follows is the story of its rise and fall.

Reproducing Ubu ephemera (posters, programmes, handbills, Ubunews articles and newspaper pages), countless newspaper and magazine articles, reviews and cartoons advocating and denouncing the many activities (film, performance, music, publishing, etc.) of Ubu, legal documents, behind the scenes photography, film-stills, biographies, film lists and intimate reflections – this amazing, visually-dense and informative chronological volume that is essential reading for anyone interested in Australia’s history of underground film, but also for independent film-making in general.

Edited by Peter Mudie.
Peter Mudie is a Canadian born filmmaker, artist and academic. Previously a member of filmmaker cooperatives in London, Toronto and Vienna, he has exhibited his work in galleries and film festivals around the world since 1980. He has written a number of monographs on avant-garde and experimental film (including Dusting the Other; Albie Thoms and David Perry: Films/Dialogues; Below the Centre/ Unterhalb des Mittelpunkts; and Michael Snow: Filmworks). He has presented a number of international touring film exhibitions, in Australia and overseas ―― currently he lives in Perth and lectures in Fine Arts at the University of Western Australia.

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Sydney Underground Movies - Ubu Films 1965-1970
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