Tacet 4


Edited by Matthieu Saladin and Yvan Etienne

Tacet is a research publication dedicated to sound arts and experimental music. Published annually and bilingually (French, English), its ambition is to create an interdisciplinary and international space of reflection for this practices, in all its aesthetic diversity. The fourth issue is on the theme of utopias. Mixing science-fiction short stories, theoretical analysis and artists’ writings, this issue addresses utopian and dystopian futures of our sound cultures. Includes: J.G. Ballard, Henry Flynt, Luc Ferrari, Francoise J. Bonnet, Loic Bertrand, Anne Zeitz, Max Neuhaus, Thibault Walter, Cornelius Cardew, Filipe Barros Beltrao, Andrew Gray, Jonathan Sterne, Christophe Levaux, John Cage, Henry A. Flynt, Jr., Andy McGraw, Scott Gleason and many more.

Tacet 4 : The Sounds Of Utopia
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